When it comes to the authenticity of important documents, it doesn’t pay to take chances. At Pinnacle Tax Service, Inc., our notary services are available throughout Monterey County and the surrounding area. We work with local companies, banks, realtors, lenders, attorneys and private individuals. We are licensed, bonded, insured and certified by the state of California to perform notarizations and to act as an impartial party whenever authentic signatures are required. Plus, our notary services are available seven days a week.

Public notaries are authorized to ensure the legality and authenticity of all signatures. We’ll witness signatures, confirm the identity of the undersigned and apply a legal notary stamp that is recognized by the state of California. We will travel to your home, place of business or wherever your documents will be signed. Individuals may also stop by our office or can make an appointment to have documents notarized on their schedule. Our mobile notary services are flexible and convenient. We’ll even visit your customers while you focus on business.

We’re prepared to pick up and deliver documents, to complete on-site signings and to witness signatures in your office. We look forward to acting as your public notary. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment in our Salinas office or at any desired location. Hablamos Español.


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