Renew Vehicle Registration, DMV Services, Salinas CA, No Waiting

Pinnacle Tax Service Inc. is always striving to meet the needs of our clients. We have added DMV Services. YES DMV SERVICES!

Are you tired of waiting in line at the DMV, taking time off from work to renew your vehicle registration? Waiting weeks for an appointment? We have once again made your life easier. No Waiting, No appointment, we are able to renew your registration, transfer title on a vehicle or provide you with new license plates. It’s like jumping to the head of the line at the DMV.

We know most people only thought that you could go to the DMV or need to be a member of AAA to be able to have your DMV needs met. Pinnacle Tax Service Inc. knew that when they heard about the ability to offer DMV Services to their clients that it was a service that could not be denied.

Saving people time, is saving people money. All of our time is valuable these days and if you can visit our office on the corner of San Juan Grade Road and Boronda on the north side of Salinas, and in minutes renew your vehicle registration or transfer the title of vehicle that Pinnacle Tax and Insurance Services would become another viable option for your DMV Service needs.

Our DMV Services are just a great addition to our other outstanding services that we provide …. Income Tax Services – we are open year round for any questions regarding your tax situation. We also provide Notary, Payroll Services as well as Bookkeeping Services for those of you that own your own business.


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